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Foshan Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, the company's headquarters and factory is located in Dali town,which is known as the "Guang fo Golden Corridor", only 30 minutes from the airport by car, its much more convenient for transportation and marketing.In addition to the factory,we also set up a branch in Shanghai and operating in good condition. Our factory covers an area of 2000 square meters.At present, there are more than 50 sets specialized manufacturing and testing equipment with an annual output more than 1 million universal couplings, our business scope covering more than 100 countries and regions domestic and abroad .

We are a company integrating R & D, produce, sales and service,we focus on the R & D and design of mechanical transmission equipment . We have absolutely advantages in our  industry. Our product with higher precision than industry level, and the accuracy can be reached 0.001mm,while other small factories can not compare with us. We already has our own brand "HZCD".

Since the establishment until now ,we already own a dozens of CNC machines, which has the advantages of high adaptability, high precision and stable quality,In addition, most of our employees have worked in the factory for more than 10 years, 
Who have strict requirements for production precision with professional cutting skills, careful grinding and rich assembly experience , we also set up a defective  tracking system, so the quality of products is impeccable. 
The traditional manufacturing process of couplings is to punch two halves of pieces and then weld them into a whole, while the hydraulic form can produce it in a whole at same time. Compared with stamping welding process, hydraulic forming technology have the following advantages:
1. reduce the weight and save material.
2. reduce the accessories quantities and moulding quantities ,save moulding cost
3. can reduce the  welding jobs for subsequent machining processing and assembly. 
4. Increased strength and stiffness, especially fatigue strength, 
5. Reduce production costs。Because of the excellent forging technology of hydraulic molding, our capacity is much more larger than our competitors, the same product model who adopts stamping molding, it takes 40 minutes while we only need about 15 seconds, even strength and stiffness are higher than stamping molding. 

We have been ploughing this industry for 18 years,  because of many domestic and foreign customers have large demand, so we dare to produce stock ,the current inventory of about 130 tons, and the daily output of up to 3000 sets, the annual output of 1 million sets, so the delivery time is very fast, can quickly solve your urgent needs, to help you explore further business 
We can draw and design products for customers to develop new products, and solve the different needs of each customer. So whether from quality or price, or delivery time, we can help customers to open up a further and larger market, it is wise to choose us as your business partner. 
Foshan Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd
Our company mainly produces universal joints and other transmission equipment, its used in woodworking machinery, CNC lathes, automobiles, food machinery, paper making machinery, packaging machinery, die-casting equipment and other fields.
Our company adhering to the initial heart of“refuse ordinary,pursuit outstanding", Among this 18 years dedicated to researching and developing more new, more higher precision product,We never exaggerate propaganda, we are worry about what customer concerns,dedicate to offer promises and solutions, carefully and responsibly do each on-site technical analysis, inspection, design, mapping and installation,So it has grown rapidly into an industry leader.
Since 2014 we start exporting business,we have established cooperation with customers from France, Thailand, Russia, The United States, South Africa, Canada and other country  in the first year.
Welcome to visit our factory and look forward to establishing a long-term cooperate relationship with you to achieve mutual benefits and win-win .




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