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Why we making mask machinery?
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Why we making mask machinery?

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At present, masks are the most scarce epidemic prevention and control materials. So Dali's mask equipment manufacturers have do their best to assemble mask production line to fully support the mask production in Foshan and help prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic.


Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is a mechanical manufacturing enterprise in Dalilibei Community. It has mask equipment production experience and qualifications. It usually produces transmission equipment more. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the demand for masks surged. All mask manufacutre need to increase production lines to expand production capacity. As one of the few enterprises in Foshan that can produce mask equipment, the company resumed production ahead of time with the strong assistance of the relevant departments of the city, district, and town and the Libei community.

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Baolin Tian,responsible officer of Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. said: In the process of purchasing raw materials and electromechanical equipment, manufacturers with resources are fully support and cooperating with us, including enterprises in other provinces. The government sent a letter requesting that accessories be given priority to us.

The company received the resumption order on January 31, and immediately organized the designer to upgrade the design of the full-automatic mask production line, and at the same time organized the workers who lived nearby to resume work, and stepped up the procurement of raw materials and accessories. Full-time for producing mask equipment for 24 hours a day ,we already start ou job at Feb,8.

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Baolin Tian,responsible officer of Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. Shows that : With all the workpieces and accessories prepared in the early stage, now 3-4 units can be produced per day. Now the company's order has exceeded 120 units. The government's requirements are all supplied to the five districts of Foshan!

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Baolin Tian,responsible officer of Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.said :with the further arrival of workers and production materials, their production capacity is expected to increase 1-2 mask machines per day, which will help increase the production capacity of masks in Foshan.

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