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Others no have stock, I have

Unique Forging Technique

Unique forging technique will change the molecular & atomic to increased strength and stiffness ,so our product more longer life than others .

Precision Up To 0.001mm

others precision is 0.01mm,our precision up to 0.001mm

Advanced Equipment

Others only OEM ok ,we are OEM ODM both ok, we have our own research and develop team ,can mapping and calculating for you ,we can grow up with you together .
High precision, small gap, precision up to 100,000 times without deviation, tolerance 0.005mm
We use 35Crco mold material, the counterpart is 45 #.
Service life: 1-2 years  warranty, up to 3 years (special universal joint for straightening machine)
Always have stock, regular product delivery within 7 days. Non-standard parts within 15 days.
As to the small universal joint we are industry No.1, occupying 80% of China's domestic market.
Industry-leading forging standards, domestic die-casting products can’t compare with us the performance is more stable and more service longer life 
Sophisticated technology: high-precision, CNC 4-axis machine, the left and right apertures are processed by positioning. Other manufacturers usually directly drill a hole at one time, and the object is easily deformed during processing.
Using the same materials as German KTR
Electric spark: guarantee product concentricity and processing accuracy
Forging method changes the molecular and atomic structure, making our materials more durable, longer life and more wear-resistant
Half-finished products are forged and then quenched, which can improve the hardness and strength of the products and ensure the quality of the products.




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