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What the failures does universal joint have?
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What the failures does universal joint have?

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Universal joint is the heart of the machine, which is the key to perform machine. However, universal joint is so small that it will always have some failures if we can not deal with universal joint carefully. Now, we want to tell you what the failures does universal joint may have and how to solve it.


  • What the failures does universal joints have?

  • How to solve the problems of universal joints?

  • How to check the universal joint regularly?


What the failures does universal joint have?

Unbalanced drive shaft: The main reason is that the drive shaft is dented or bent due to collision.

Loose drive shaft: The main reason is that the maintenance work is not carried out in accordance with the specified requirements, which intensifies the wear of the transmission shaft, and then the loose phenomenon occurs.

The cross shaft is damaged: During the operation of the transmission shaft, if the load is too large, coupled with the centrifugal force generated, the cross shaft will be broken or damaged.

The most common failures of universal joints are abnormal noise and vibration, usually including the abnormal noise of the drive shaft, the abnormal noise and vibration of the universal joint and the expansion joint. The abnormal noise and vibration of the transmission shaft are mainly manifested in: when the universal joint and expansion joint are in good condition, abnormal noise occurs when the transmission shaft rotates at medium and high speeds. The higher the speed, the louder the noise. Seriously, the car body and steering wheel will cause vibration, even the hand holding the steering wheel has a numbness. If you are sliding in neutral at this time, the vibration will be more intense. The reasons of vibration may as follow:

1.       The balance sheet or component on the shaft coupling has not been compensated for dynamic balance.

2.       The shaft coupling tube is recessed, the mark is not aligned when the drive shaft is assembled, or the spline shaft and the shaft tube are skewed when welding, which damages the original dynamic balance.

3.       The shaft coupling bolts of the shaft coupling flange are loose, causing the position to deviate.

4.       When assembling, the two universal joints of the same shaft coupling are not in the same plane.

5.       The spline of the shaft coupling spline shaft and the sleeve is worn too much and the gap is too large.


How to solve the problems of universal joint?

1.       Check whether the expansion joint is installed to the standard mark. If it is installed correctly, you must support the car body and start the engine to run at idle speed and low gear. If the swing of the universal joint coupling is large, you can use a needle to measure the deflection. If the two ends of the drive shaft are incorrect or bent, the soft metal that matches the shaft tube on the cushion on the bead should be cold-pressed for correction.

2.       First check whether the shaft coupling bolts of the shaft coupling flange are loose, if so, tighten them.

3.       Check whether the shaft tube of the shaft coupling has bumps and depressions, and whether the balance piece is missing. Loss of the balance sheet requires re-welding the same balance sheet at the original solder joint position. If the shaft tube of the shaft coupling has obvious depressions that make the universal joint lose its balance, cut the spline shaft and the universal joint fork on the lathe, and insert a shaft tube with a diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the shaft tube. The mandrel is repaired with a hammer on the depression. The cut spline shaft and coupling cross-welding will be in place.

4.       Remove the drive shaft assembly, perform a balance test on a balance machine, and perform balance compensation for insufficient balance.


How to check universal joint?

The universal joint coupling is an important transmission device for the cross. In order to ensure that the universal joint can work normally, it will be inspected strictly in accordance with the relevant inspection procedures after the production is completed.

Check the measurement error of the universal joint: For the elements that are not marked with the geometric tolerance on the paper, if necessary, the inspector can find the tolerance value by himself according to the national standard or enterprise standard, and measure it. When measuring form and position errors, pay attention to the measurement datum and the elements marked with the principle of tolerance and the principle of extra-large entity.

Check the specific parameters of the universal joint: check the geometry of the shaft coupling against the main view and other views. Check the surface roughness and surface quality. Check whether the position of each element is correct, such as holes, slots, etc.

Check the dimensional accuracy of the shaft coupling: Generally, check the shape and size first. When the check shape is complicated, you can include the specific data in the table and omit the textile. When checking the dimensional accuracy of the shaft coupling, it should be carried out in accordance with the drawings, process and technical conditions.

Whether the material is qualified: When inspecting the parts, first check the specifications and grades of the materials used in the drawings against the title bar of the drawing and the process documents. The plate should be checked for the grain direction and status, and then the size should be checked after being qualified.


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