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What is the function of universal joint?
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What is the function of universal joint?

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The structure and function of universal joints are a bit like joints on human limbs, which allow the angle between connected parts to vary within a certain range. A universal joint is a positive, mechanical connection between rotating shafts, which are usually not parallel, but intersecting. Universal joints are used to transmit motion and power. Single universal joint consists of two yokes, one on each shaft, connected by a cross-shaped intermediate member called the spider. The angle between the two shafts is called the operating angle.


  • How does universal joint work?

  • What is the function of universal joint?

  • What are the applications of universal joint?


How does universal joint work?

In order to satisfy transmitting power and adapting to the angle change caused by the up and down jumps generated by the steering and the running of the car, the drive axle of the front drive car, the half shaft and the wheel axle are commonly connected by universal joints. However, due to the limitation of the axial size, the required deflection angle is relatively large. A single universal joint cannot make the instantaneous angular velocities of the output shaft and the shaft input shaft equal, which will easily cause vibration, aggravate component damage, and generate a lot of noise. Therefore, various constant velocity universal joints are widely used.

In front-drive vehicles, each half shaft uses two constant velocity universal joints. The universal joint near the transaxle is the inner universal joint of the half shaft, and the outer universal joint of the half shaft is near the axle. In a rear-drive car, the engine, clutch, and transmission are installed on the frame as a whole, and the drive axle is connected to the frame through an elastic suspension. There is a distance between the two and needs to be connected. During the operation of the car, the bouncing by uneven road surface, load changes, or the position difference between the two assembly installations will cause the angle and distance between the transmission output shaft and the input shaft of the drive axle final reducer to change. Double universal joints are adopted, that is, there is a universal joint at each end of the transmission shaft. Its function is to make the angle between the two ends of the transmission shaft equal, so as to ensure that the instantaneous angular velocity of the output shaft and the input shaft are always equal.


What is the function of universal joint?

Generally, the universal joint is composed of a cross shaft, a cross bearing and a flange fork. The universal joint is a key component on the automobile drive shaft. On the front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle, the universal joint drive shaft is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle final drive input shaft. While the front-engine front-wheel drive vehicle omits the drive shaft, the universal joint is installed between the front axle half shaft and the wheels that are responsible for both driving and steering. While rotating, the driven shaft is allowed to swing at an angle that still normally transfers torque to suit the vehicle’s needs in bumps and vibrations. When the vehicle is running, the uneven road surface will cause bounce, load changes, or the difference in the installation position of the two assemblies, causing the angle and distance between the transmission output shaft and the input shaft of the drive axle final reducer to change. The universal joint appears.


What are the applications of universal joints?

Typical applications of universal joints include aircraft, electrical appliances, control mechanisms, electronic equipment, instrumentation, medical and optical equipment, ordnance, radios, sewing machines, textile machinery and tool drives.

The universal joint can be made of steel or thermoplastic. Under a given size, steel universal joints have the greatest load-bearing capacity. Universal joints with thermoplastic body parts are used in light industrial applications. Its self-lubricating properties, light weight, negligible recoil, corrosion resistance and high-speed running capabilities are significant advantages. Spherical universal joints are used for high-speed operation and transmission of large torque.

Cross universal joint is the most commonly used form of unequal velocity universal joint, whose function is to use ball-type devices to achieve shaft power output in different directions. Applications are mostly used in the automotive field such as:

  • Between the transmission and the drive axle of a car with front-engine and rear-wheel drive.

  • Between the transfer case and the drive axle.

  • Between the drive axle and the drive axle of a multi-axis drive car. Due to the deformation of the frame, there will be a change in the position of the axis between the two transmission components.

  • Between the differential of a car with a separate vertical suspension.

  • The steering right drives the differential between the axle and the wheels.

  • In the power output device and steering mechanism of the automobile.


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