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What is custom coupling?
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What is custom coupling?

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When choosing a shaft coupling, the designer should first choose among the shaft couplings that have been formulated as national standards, mechanical industry standards, and national patents. Only when the existing standard shaft couplings and patented shaft couplings cannot meet the design needs, they need to design the shaft coupling by yourself. The designed shaft coupling is called custom coupling.


  • What are the features of custom coupling?

  • What is the application of custom coupling?

  • What is the future of custom coupling?


What are the features of custom coupling?

Custom couplings have the ability of buffering, dampening, and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft system. Sometimes custom coupling is also used as a safety device to prevent the connected parts from being subjected to excessive loads and play a role in overload protection.

Custom coupling is often composed of two halves, which are connected by a key or tight fit respectively, and fastened to the ends of the two shafts, and then the two halves are connected in some way. The custom coupling can also compensate the deviation between the two shafts due to inaccurate manufacturing and installation and deformation or thermal expansion during work.

  • Excellent torque transmission: Rigid couplings can efficiently transfer torque from one shaft to the other connected shaft.

  • Low cost of production: Manufacturers can produce standard and custom rigid couplings at cost-effective rates.

  • Precision, with nearly zero windup and zero backlash

  • Torsional stiffness: High torsional stiffness allows for better positioning.

  • Alignment capabilities: Rigid couplings can be used to establish shaft alignment between the motor and connected components.

  • Suitability for push-pull and support applications

  • Easy assembly, disassembly, and maintenance operations throughout the life of the custom coupling.


What is the application of custom coupling?

If there is no suitable micro precision shaft coupling that you can find in the standard list, you can ask the plant to do a custom coupling. Here are some shaft couplings that can be used for:

  • Sleeve and muff coupling and clamp or split-muff or compression coupling can both be used as line shaft in power transmission.

  • Flange coupling can be used for Alignment Accuracy, for example, marines.

  • Bushed pin flexible coupling can be used to connect which have small parallel misalignments, angular misalignment or axial misalignments, for example, automobiles.

  • Universal joint can be used to transmit rotary motion or power, for example, aircraft, driveshafts and so on.

  • Oldham coupling is useful in applications where parallel misalignment is present, for example, printing applications.

Unlike other shaft couplings, the slider coupling does not have an elastic element that can work like a spring, so the bearing load will not increase due to the increase in the relative displacement between the shafts.

In any case, this series of shaft couplings is more worthwhile, and the ability to choose sliders of different materials is the biggest advantage of this shaft coupling.

Generally speaking, one type materials are suitable for zero clearance, high torque rigidity and large torque, and the other type materials are suitable for low-precision positioning, without zero clearance, but have the functions of absorbing vibration and reducing noise.

The non-metallic slider also has excellent electrical insulation and can be used as a mechanical fuse. When the engineering plastic slider is damaged, the transmission effect will be completely terminated, so as to protect the valuable mechanical parts.

This design is suitable for large parallel relative displacements. The separate three-part design of the slider coupling limits its ability to compensate for axial deviations, for example, it cannot be used in push-pull applications. At the same time, because the center slider is floating, the two-axis movement must ensure that the slider does not fall off.


What is the future of custom coupling?

The custom shaft coupling industry in our country has developed since the establishment of PRC. After decades of construction and development, our custom shaft coupling industry has formed an independent industrial system of considerable scale and certain level since the reform and open policy.

In the development process, there are more guarantees and space for improvement both in terms of quantity and quality. However, gaps exist between the number of custom shaft couplings and the development needs of the national economy.

At present, although domestic scientific research personnel can produce some scientific research results about custom shaft couplings that are considered advanced in the country, these results are not competitive when they are obtained internationally. Nowadays it is necessary to improve the level of specialized production of custom couplings, as well as improving the production organization of custom coupling enterprises.

The delivery cycle of the custom coupling is the most important that it has become a trend to require coupling production companies to deliver as soon as possible. Some companies continue to change the technical level, equipment level, and management level to improve efficiency in order to shorten the delivery cycle.

Custom couplings will inevitably develop to a wider range and higher level. Chinese shaft coupling companies should seize the opportunity to borrow and learn advanced foreign technologies to accelerate pace of development.


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