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What are the types of universal joints?
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What are the types of universal joints?

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For common people, it is nearly impossible to distinguish universal joints, even when you select universal joint from shaft couplings. Universal joints come in a lot of shapes and sizes that enable them to accommodate an infinite amount of applications. Universal joints are used in aircraft, appliances, instrumentation, medical, control mechanisms, electronics and optical devices along with sewing machines, ordnance, textile machinery and tool drives.


  • What are the types of universal joints?

  • What are the features of universal joints?

  • How to choose a right universal joint?


What are the types of universal joints?

Universal joints transmit power between the drive shafts, even if the rotating shafts are not in-line. Common universal joints include cross universal joints, CV joints and tripod universal joints. Cross universal joints are usually used in passenger cars and freight vehicles, while CV joints are usually used in automobiles.

  • The cross universal joint is composed of universal joint fork frame, cross shaft, needle bearing, oil seal, sleeve, and bearing cover. The needle in the needle bearing rotates during the rotation of the universal joint to reduce friction. The shaft connected to the input power is called the input shaft, and the shaft that transmits power through the universal joint is called the output shaft.

  • CV joints vary according to the structure of the inner and outer raceways, which are divided into telescopic and fixed. Telescopic constant velocity joints are usually used for internal universal joints, and fixed ball cage joints are usually used for external universal joints. The CV joint is mainly composed of outer star wheel, ball cage, steel ball, inner star wheel and so on. The spherical shell is the outer orbit of the ball, and the star shell is the inner orbit of the ball. Power transmission path is from half shaft, that is drive shaft to star shell to steel ball to spherical shell to wheel center shaft, that is driven shaft. The structure of the CV universal joint is similar to a ball bearing, which is all composed of balls, fixed brackets, internal and external tracks, but the shaft connected to the internal star bearing shell of the universal joint can swing and retract.

  • Telescopic CV joint is an inner universal joint that is bolted to the propeller shaft of the differential gear. This universal joint has a certain amount of axial retraction, to compensate for the variation in the axial length of the half shaft when the front wheels are runout.

  • For outer universal joints, fixed telescopic CV joint cannot be telescoping in the axial direction, but it swings at a large angle to accommodate the run-out of the front wheels of the independent suspension. The end of the ball shell is a splined shaft which mates with the front hub.

  • The tripod universal joint has the advantages of simple structure, small size and light weight, which is widely used in the front and rear drive axles of automobiles. When the barrel housing rotates, the ball wheel will pull the tripod shaft to follow it, and the three pivots are splined to the driven shaft, which in turn will cause the driven shaft to rotate for power transmission.


What are the features of universal joints?

1.       Ensure that the power can be reliably transmitted when the relative position of the two connected shafts changes within the expected range;

2.       Ensure that the connected two shafts can run evenly. The additional load, vibration and noise caused by the included angle of the universal joint should be within the allowable range;

3.       High transmission efficiency, long service life, simple structure, convenient manufacture and easy maintenance.


How to choose a right universal joint?

1.       The prerequisites should be clarified before the universal joint selection:

2.       It is necessary to consider the type of prime mover and the load category of the load transmitted by the optional cross-shaft universal joint: one-way constant load, pulsating load or two-way alternating load. What is the installation status of the universal joint? Horizontal, vertical or inclined installation? Make the axis bend angle less than 3 degrees as much as possible. If oblique installation is unavoidable, determine the horizontal and vertical angles.

3.       Whether there is a transmission device between the prime mover and the universal joint. If there is a transmission ratio, it will be output by several shafts after passing through the intermediate transmission device, that is, whether there is power split. Consider the type, power and speed of the prime mover.

4.       Considering the working environment: whether it is affected by harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, dust, water spray, chemical corrosion, etc. Choose the corresponding type of universal joint according to the different use environment.

5.       It is necessary to know the connection form and specific installation dimensions required at both ends of the universal joint, as well as whether there are special requirements such as mounting brackets.

6.       What is the speed of the cross shaft universal joint itself? Whether it needs to be dynamically balanced, if required, which level of balance quality.

7.       Whether there are restrictions on the installation location. What is the specific installation length and whether it needs to be telescopic? When telescoping is required, what is the outward extension of the universal joint in a short state. For universal joints that do not require expansion or contraction, the compensation of axial dimensional errors should be considered, and the position for compensation in the system should be determined.


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