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WS WSD Small Universal Joint
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WS WSD Small Universal Joint


Product Description

Structure feature:

1. It is suitable for the transmission with the axis angle β<45°of the two axis on the same plane,11.2-1120N.m : nominal torque 11.2-1120N.m

2. WSD is single precision universal joint,WS is double universal joint.

3. Maximum shaft angle 45° per joint.

4. Finished product hole tolerance H7, keyway, hexagonal hole and square hole can order as requirement .

5. Angle between the two axes can change with the machines needs within a limited range.

6. sliding bearings and needle bearings both acceptable, it’s depending on user requirements. The maximum speed with sliding bearing is 1000rpm, the dynamic load with needle bearing is higher, the bearing clearance is small, and the maximum speed can reach 4000rpm.


Box stitcher, pharmaceutical machine, tooth rolling machine, multi-axis drilling machine, slitting machine and etc.

Installation and Selection:

To ensure angular velocity of rotational motion between the driving and driven shaft under synchronous rotation,should choose double cross shaft universal joint or two single cross shaft universal joint connect together ,also need meet the following 3 conditions :a)the angle of intermediate shaft between driving and driven shaft should equal ,b)The symmetry surfaces of the two ends of the intermediate shaft are in the same plane ,c)When the intermediate shaft and the driven shaft in the same plane to install the single shaft universal joint, the angle of driving and driven is different ,can not keep synchronous operation,will change with the angle .

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