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WJS Ball Hinged Universal Joint
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WJS Ball Hinged Universal Joint


Product Description

Structure feature:

Ball hinged universal coupling with spherical parts instead of cross shaft as the main hinge point between driving and driven shaft

Simple structure, small size, flexible operation, easy maintenance, low transmission torque, suitable for shaft angle β <40°, can realize synchronous rotation between driving and driven shaft .

Marked as:

a. universal joint style no:WJ single joint ,WJS double joint.

b. hole style :

Φ一Cylindrical aperture with taper pin;Y-Keyed cylindrical hole with tacking 。Hole style ,keyway style and size all accord with GB/T3852-1997 stipulated.

S-square hole,with tacking ;F-Hexagon hole with tacking。

E.g:WJS4Double ball hinged universal joint.

Driving end: Y hole,A keyway ,d=16mm;driven end :S hole ,w=18,marked as :WJS4-YA16/S18


Cigarette packaging machine,

screw machine,

 multi-head drill machine,

rubber equipment machinery

How to choose a suitable coupling:

If you have different hole and size from the size chat ,we also can make same as customer’s requirement ,such as parallel pins,keyway、hexagon hole square hole。

1. Based on mechanical requirements ,such as transmission torque, stiffness requirements, vibration, impact, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, transmission accuracy .

2. If have different torque and hole,pls offer design mapping and sample ,with accept customize, no matter is fast release or with flange or needle bearing type.  

3. The universal coupling is widely used in all kinds of general mechanical because of its large deviation angle and high transmission torque.

4. Coupling usually have those type : universal type, high speed type, micro type, extension type, large torque universal coupling etc.

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