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CNC Machine Tool

It’s a kinds of machine tools that use NC technology to process and control in real time. NC machine tool is a highly integrated product which include machine, electricity, liquid, gas and light. Which is consists of control medium, input and output device, NC device, servo drive device, detection device and machine body.
CNC machine tool has the advantages of high adaptability, high precision and stable quality production efficiency, good economic benefit, reducing the labor intensity and labor cost, easy operation, and is beneficial to the modernization of production management, it has the ability of self- diagnosis and monitoring. 

And our company has dozens of CNC machine tools, which greatly reduces the production cost, shortens the delivery date, also ensures the product quality . The picture is only part of our machinery. 

Hydraulic Press

The traditional manufacturing process of couplings is to punch two halves of pieces and then weld them into a whole, while the hydraulic form can produce it in a whole at same time. Compared with stamping welding process, hydraulic forming technology have the following advantages :
 reduce the weight and save material.For hollow stepped shaft parts, it can reduce the weight by 40%~50%.
 reduce the accessories quantities and moulding quantities ,save moulding cost .The hydraulic forming parts usually only need 1 set moulding, and the stamping parts mostly need more set of moulding.
 can reduce the  welding jobs for subsequent machining processing and assembly.
 Unique forging technique will change the molecular & atomic to increased strength and stiffness, especially fatigue strength, such as hydraulically formed radiator bracket, its stiffness in the vertical direction can be increased by 39%, horizontal direction can be increased by 50%, Therefore, our products have good rigidity, little deformation and longer service life.
 Reduce production costs. according to the statistical analysis of the applied hydraulic forming parts, the production cost of the hydraulic forming parts is 15%~20% lower than the stamping parts on average, and the moulding cost is 20%~30% lower, so our price is more competitive.

Forging Machinery

Foshan Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. has 18 years of experience in designing, producing and selling universal joints.
A universal joint is a mechanism that can transmit power at different angles to change the position of the transmission axis direction. The combination of universal joint and transmission shaft is called universal joint transmission equipment,
The production process of universal joint is as follows:
First, we need to design a universal one and map it according to customer needs.
Second, according to the figure, cut the material into a size suitable for forging of semi-finished products.
Third, map according to the opening pattern, such as hexagonal holes, keyways, etc.
Then, after grinding, polishing, blackening, nickel plating and other subsequent manual precision processing, finally cleaning, merging and packaging can provide the ideal universal joint product.
If you want to know more please play the video.
This video may not show the entire process perfectly, we will update later, welcome to follow us.




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