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SWC WD Factory price integtal fork no extention cardan shaft universal coupling
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SWC WD Factory price integtal fork no extention cardan shaft universal coupling

Compared with other types of universal couplings, SWC type integral fork-head universal cardan shaft couplings have the characteristics of large torque transmission, compact structure, beautiful appearance, long service life, convenient maintenance and wide application range.
SWC-WD type cross cardan shaft is one of the most commonly used couplings. By the advantage of its structure ,can make the two shafts that are not on the same axis, or there is a large axis angle, or there is a large axial movement betweent two shaft continuously rotate at a constant angular speed, and reliably transmit torque and motion.
  • SWC-WD
  • HZCD or customzie
  • 8483600090
  • Foshan China
  • 35CrMo 40Cr,45# steel
  • Standard
  • Cranes, mines, engineering, vehicle transportation, petroleum, ships, paper machinery
  • 7working days after confirm the order or according to the quantity.
  • 3 days after confirm the order
  • HZCD or customized
  • Manufacture OEM,ODM offered
  • As customer request
  • forge,CNC turning .milling .drilling grinding ,wire EDM
  • customized

Product Description

structure features & advantages :

1. High reliability. Due to the integral fork head structure;bolt loosening and fracture are completely avoided, so it has good reliability required for high-speed production in metallurgy.


2. The other components are all made of high-quality alloy steel. After carburizing and quenching or tempering treatment, it have strong bearing capacity and long service life

3. High transmission efficiency, using rolling bearing rotation, its efficiency is as high as 98.7% ~ 99.9%. It is used for high-power transmission. It has significant energy saving efficiency and can reduce power consumption by 5% ~ 15%.

4.Stable transmission, used for rolling mill transmission, can improve rolling quality.

4. Low noise, generally 30 ~ 40dB (A), can improve the working conditions of the operator.

5. The allowable inclination angle is large, up to 15 °.





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