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SWC-I light cross cardan shaft
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SWC-I light cross cardan shaft

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                                                                                         How SWC-I light carddan shaft works?

cardan shaft

Usually we see the cardan shaft is like this ,but recently we got an order ,customer order a small cardan shaft for thier petroleum test platform equipment. see as bellow:

So what is the use of cardan shaft ?

cradan shaft which is used to transmit power or torque from one component to other. 

propeller shaft of the bus,car all is basically a cardan shaft.In some countries it is used in trains and locomotives also.

It may be of various types on the basis of having various types of joints in them like-

  1. cardan shaft without any coupling

  2. cardan shaft with universal couplings

  3. cardan shaft with slip joint etc.

  4. Hou zhe transmission equipment co.,lts have spent 18 years on this area ,we can make both of them ,such as drive shaft ,cardan shaft ,cardan shaft with coupling ,cardan shaft with universal joint ,or with shaft couplings ,or with a split bearing couping .

drive shaft




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