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SWC -BH Overall fork cross shaft coupling
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SWC -BH Overall fork cross shaft coupling

SWC-BH universal coupling full name:standard telescopic weldingtype integral fork cross cardan shaft
SWC-BH standard telescopic welded cross cardan drive sahft makes use of its structural characteristics,even the two shafts are not on the same axis to reliaze the continuous rotation of the two shafts,eveb there is an axis angle β. The biggest feature is its strong ability to compensate for displacement in all directions, compact structure, high transmission efficiency and easy maintenance.
  • SWC- series
  • HZCD or customzied
  • 8483600090
  • Foshan China
  • 35CrMoor40Cr,45# iron
  • Standard
  • Paper making equipment, water pump equipment and test benches and other general machinery.
  • 7working days after confirm the order or according to the quantity.
  • 3 days after confirm the order
  • HZCD or customized
  • Manufacture OEM,ODM offered
  • As customer request
  • forge,CNC turning .milling .drilling grinding ,wire EDM
  • customized

Product Description

The drawings of a SWC-BH  intergral for cross bearing drive shaft flexible coupling  

cardan shaft drawings

Let see the SWC-BH flexible cardan shaft parameters.

cardan shaft parameters

1. The meanings of the codes in the above table are as follows


L- Standard length. For the extension type, the length L is the minimum length in the shortened state.

Lv- elongation


Tn -a nominal torque (50% of the yield torque)


T1 - fatigue torque, that is, the allowable torque determined by the fatigue strength under the action of an alternating load;

Β -maximum axis angle;

δ- thickness

ML- The weight of per100mm increase.


2.If didn’t note the unit in the above table, it is measured in millimeters;


3. When needs to change the standard length, extention amount and flange type size, please consult with us.


Mark example:

SWC-I 150 A 590

590:Minimum length

A: structure type code

150:flange diameter

SWC-I :coupling model

SWC type integral fork cross shaft universal coupling (JB / T5531-1991)


SWC type universal coupling is mainly suitable for steel rolling machinery, lifting transportation and other heavy machinery, connecting two different axis transmission shafts. Rotation diameter is 100-620mm, transmits the rated torque 125-1000KNm, and the axis angle is 15 °---25 °.


Structural features:

(1)Reasonable structure, safe and reliable ,with integrated fork head, eliminates the weak of bolts pressing the bearing seat, completely avoids bolt loosening or vicious damage caused by fracture;and the service life is longer than other couplings,usually 30 % -50% longer;

(2)High carrying capacity;

(3)High transmission efficiency, up to 98.7% -99.9%,used for high-power transmission can save energy remarkably , reduce power consumption by 5% -15%.

(4)Smooth transmission and low noise, 30-40dB (A).



SWC universal coupling have eight types: SWC-I (light cross shaft universal joint), BH, BF, DH, CH, WH, WF and WD.

How select a universal joint:

 The universal joint is composed of 2 universal joints and 1 intermediate shaft. In order to make the angular speeds of the driving and driven shafts equal, means ω1 = ω2, must meet the following three conditions:

1. The inclination of the nodes between the intermediate axis and other two axes is equal, that is, β1 = β2,

2 The forks at both ends of the intermediate shaft are in the same phase.

3.The center lines of the two axes and intermediate shaft are in the same plane。


By the mutual position of their axes, have 2 installation types:Z-type (two axes parallel) and M-type (two axes intersect)

The selection of universal joints should be based on load characteristics, calculated torque, bearing life and work Speed

 Compare to the SWC heavy cross shaft universal coupling, SWC-I light cross shaft universal coupling have same large connection flange ,its fork , universal joint,  the size of intermediate steel pipe ,even overall weight are more lighter . It is also used to connect two different axis transmission shafts. The flange diameter is 58-225mm, the rated torque range is 150-22,000N.m, and the axis angle is 25 ° -35 °. Mainly applicable to various general machinery occasions such as paper making equipment, water pump equipment and test benches and other general  machine.

According to the structure ,SWC-I light cross shaft universal coupling have 4 style :A extension welding type, B  non-extension  welding type, C type non-extension single unit ,and BH BF DH CH WH type etc.

SWC-BH cross shaft universal joint is one of the most commonly used couplings. With its structural characteristics, it can make two axes constant angular velocity operating ,even they are not coaxial, or have large axis angles, or large axial movements.Except this,its transmit torque and motion reliably. It can be widely used to transfer torque in the mechanical machine,such as metallurgy, lifting,  mining, petroleum, ferry industrial, coal, rubber, paper making machinery and other heavy machinery industries.

The main features of SWC-BH cross shaft universal joint are

1 has a large angle compensation capability.

2 Compact and reasonable structure. SWC-BHI adopts integral fork, which makes the carrying more reliable.

3 Large carrying capacity. Compared with the same turning diameter of other coupling, it can transmits great torque. For the mechanical equipment which restricted turning diameter, its supporting range will more superior.

 4 High transmission efficiency. Its transmission efficiency is 99.98%, and it is obvious save energy effective for high power transmission machine.

5 Smooth transportation, low noise, convenient dismantle maintenance.


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