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How to use custom coupling?
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How to use custom coupling?

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In today's commodity society, no matter what product it is, in fact, consumers are most concerned about the performance of the product in the process of buying and using it. So does the custom coupling. When we want to buy a custom coupling, which factory can be as a choice though there are too many plants? If we have a good-quality custom coupling, how can we use to lengthen lifespan as longer as possible?


  • How does custom coupling work?

  • How to choose custom coupling?

  • How to use custom coupling?


How does custom coupling work?

Shaft coupling is a part of general mechanical parts of machinery, which is used to connect two shafts, namely the movable shaft and the driven shaft, in different main bodies so that they can rotate together to transmit torque. In high-speed and high-power transmission, some shaft couplings also have the functions of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting. The shaft coupling is composed of two halves, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft.

In the late 20th century, shaft coupling products at home and abroad developed rapidly. It is always a problem that how to choose the performance of various shaft couplings to meet the requirements of the shaft coupling on the machine. Custom coupling can commonly be made as diaphragm couplings, drum gear couplings, universal couplings, safety couplings, elastic couplings and serpentine spring couplings.

The custom coupling is a component of the two-axis axial joint and transmitting torque and motion, which has a certain compensation for the deviation of the two shafts. Custom coupling can reduce the vibration of the mechanical transmission system and reduce the peak impact load.


How to choose custom coupling?

According to the size of the transferred load, the speed of the shaft, and the installation accuracy of the two parts to be connected, choose a suitable custom coupling, together with referring to the characteristics of various couplings. The following points can be considered when selecting:

The size and nature of the torque to be transmitted and the requirements for the cushioning function. For example, for high-power and heavy-duty transmissions, gear couplings can be selected. For transmissions that require severe impact loads or to eliminate shaft torsional vibration, tire couplings and other couplings with high elasticity can be selected.

The magnitude and direction of the relative displacement of the two axes. When it is difficult to maintain strict and precise alignment of the two shafts after installation and adjustment, or when the two shafts will have a large additional relative displacement during the working process, a flexible coupling should be used.

The reliability and working environment of the custom shaft coupling. Custom coupling usually made of metal elements that do not require lubrication are more reliable. The performance of custom coupling is easily affected by the perfect degree of lubrication and may pollute the environment. Custom coupling containing non-metallic components such as rubber are sensitive to temperature, corrosive media and strong light, and are prone to aging. The surrounding working environment of custom coupling is more complicated. Temperature, humidity, water, steam, dust, sand, oil, acid, alkali, corrosive media, salt water, and radiation are all should be taken into consideration when choosing a custom coupling. For the working quality of high or low temperature, oil, acid and alkali medium, it is not suitable to choose the flexible coupling with the general rubber as the elastic element material.

The manufacturing, installation, maintenance and cost of the custom coupling. Under the premise of meeting the convenience performance, custom coupling that are easy to install and unload, simple to maintain, and low-cost should be selected. For example, the rigid coupling has simple structure and convenient assembly and disassembly, and can be used for low-speed, high-rigidity drive shafts.


How to use custom coupling?

In order to facilitate the installation, put the two half couplings of custom couplings in the incubator or oil tank for preheating so that the inner hole size increases and it is easy to install. After installation, ensure that the shaft head of custom coupling cannot protrude from the end face of the half coupling, and it is better to be flush.

Detect the distance between the two halves of the custom flexible coupling: take the average of the readings of 3 to 4 points measured along the two inner sides of the flange of the half coupling, and the sum of the measured dimensions of the extension and the two diaphragm sets. The error is controlled within the range of 0-0.4 mm.

Alignment: Use a dial indicator to detect the runout of the flange end and outer circle of the two halves of the custom coupling. When the flange outer circle is less than 250 mm, the runout value should not be greater than 0.05 mm. When the flange outer circle is greater than 250 mm, the jitter value should not be greater than 0.08 mm.

Install the bolts: insert the bolts from the outside of the small hole of the flange, pass through the outside of the large hole of the other flange. Put on the buffer sleeve, elastic washer, twist the nut, and tighten the nut with a wrench. If it is not installed or dismantled, it is better to rotate freely after installation without damaging the shaft and the half coupling.

Before installation, check whether the two shafts of the prime mover and the working machine are concentric, whether there are wrapping paper and bumps on the surfaces of the two shafts, whether there are debris in the inner holes of the two half couplings of custom couplings, and whether the edges of the inner holes have bruises. If any, the shaft and half flexible coupling should be cleaned up, and the bruises should be treated with a fine file. Then check whether the inner hole diameter and length of the two half couplings of custom couplings are consistent with the diameter and shaft elongation of the prime mover and working machine. In general selection, it is better to make the length of the prime mover and the working machine end half-coupling less than its shaft elongation 10-30 mm.



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