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How to select a suitable coupling
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How to select a suitable coupling

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①  Admissible rated torque-It is the admissible torque value of the coupling when it is actually operating.


②  Admissible high torque-It is a large critical value of a coupling will damage during operating.


③ Admissible high speed-It is necessary to make sure that the speed of the motor is within this range during selection.


④ Admissible eccentricity-the allowable value of the parallel deviation of the two axes.


⑤ Admissible deflection angle-Allowable value of mutual angle formed between two axes.


⑥ Admissible axial deviation-the allowable displacement of the two-axis axial movement.


During start, stop, and forward-reverse switching, the motor will apply a load greater than the motor's high torque to the coupling. Therefore, when selecting a coupling, the rated torque of the coupling should be greater than the motor's high torque.




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