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How to maintain universal joint?
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How to maintain universal joint?

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Universal joint is a special coupling, divided into two categories: precision universal joint coupling and high-torque universal coupling. Universal joint is a movable rigid coupling used on two intersecting shafts. The maximum angle between the two axes can reach 45°, which is widely used in machine tools, automobiles, precision machinery and heavy machinery. The universal joint is formed by connecting two fork-shaped parts and a cross-shaped part.


  • What is the allowed rotate range of universal joint?

  • What are the common errors of universal joint?

  • How to maintain universal joint?


What is the allowed rotate range of universal joint?

The allowable speed range of the universal joint is determined by calculation according to the allowable linear speed and maximum outer circle size of different materials of the shaft coupling.

For shaft couplings used in different conditions, influencing factors such as the centrifugal force of the outer circle of the coupling and the deformation of the elastic elements should be considered, and should be dynamically balanced. Non-metallic elastic element elastic couplings should not be used at high speeds. High-precision flexible couplings are suitable for deformation of elastic elements which occurs at high speeds. Flexible couplings with metal elastic elements should be used when universal joint requires accuracy transmission. At high speeds, flexible couplings with gaps between non-metallic elastic components and movable components should be avoided, while diaphragm couplings with high transmission accuracy should be used.


What are the common errors of universal joint?

The service life of the universal joint is not only affected by the quality of the bearing, but also has a certain relationship with the maintenance of the universal joint. Let's look at common maintenance techniques.

The universal joint must bear a large torque and alternating load during work, and the oil film of calcium-based grease is tough. It is difficult to form a good oil film on the friction surface of the universal joint.

The roller needle of the universal joint cross shaft can only rotate during work, not along the steel bowl and the cross journal. The rolling performance of calcium-based grease is very poor. So when the oil film is destroyed, a new oil film cannot be formed immediately.

Calcium-based grease is a mixture of oil and calcium soap. Due to the deterioration and evaporation of the lubricating oil, the grease becomes a harder calcium soap. Calcium soap itself can not only play a lubricating effect. Moreover, this also prevents the needle from rolling on the journal. In addition, there is no oil drainage measure on the horizontal shaft of the universal joint so that the deteriorated grease cannot be discharged. It is difficult to inject new oil, which greatly accelerates the wear of the horizontal shaft needle roller bearing.


How to maintain universal joint?

Universal joint is a transmission output shaft and final drive input shaft in different straight lines. Even if the angle and distance between the two shafts change, power can be transmitted.

In the maintenance of the universal joint, it is very important to ensure the lubrication of the universal joint that the amount of oil injection must be reasonable within the possible range. The fueling hole is blocked, the grease nipple is smashed into the hexagonal deformation or the grease nipple is rusted, the oil circuit will be blocked so that the grease nipple should be replaced in time. During the replacement process, keep the area around the interface clean. It is necessary to prevent the mixing of impurities, dust and sand in the machine.

The intake pressure of the grease gun is insufficient. The high-pressure oil injector is an oil injection device powered by compressed air. The function of pump is to produce high pressure by oil, and then the high pressure is used for oil injection. Pay attention to starting the air compressor before using, and prepare compressed air of about 0.6 MPa. The working principle of refilling grease which is not suitable for lubricating grease is that the thickening agent keeps the oil in the position where needs lubrication. When there is a load, the thickening agent can release the oil to play a lubricating effect.

The universal joint is a special coupling. Due to its structural characteristics, the driving shaft and the driven shaft are not on the same axis. When there is an angle between the axes, the connected two shafts can rotate continuously, and reliably transmit torque and movement.After removing the cross-shaft needle roller, clean it thoroughly to remove all residual grease by boiling it or putting it in gasoline for cleaning. Then put it in the gear oil for 2min to 10min. It should be noted that the car should be replaced with new oil in time after wading. New engine oil should be replaced once between 2000 and 3500 kilometers. After testing, this method can extend the life of universal joint cross shaft needle roller bearings by two to three times.

It can be equipped with special hydraulic filling equipment to regularly lubricate the cross-shaft needle roller of the drive shaft.


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