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How to fix shaft couplings?
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How to fix shaft couplings?

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As we know, shaft coupling is the core and heart of the machine, which plays a significant role. The function of the shaft coupling is to connect the two shafts in different mechanisms to rotate together and transmit torque. Shaft couplings also have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting. It is necessary for us to know how to fix shaft couplings.


  • How to install shaft couplings?

  • How to fix shaft couplings?

  • Where the shaft coupling can be used?


How to install shaft couplings?

1.       Clean the parts before installing the shaft coupling, and then wipe off the oil. Shaft couplings that are ready for operation in a short time can be wiped dry and coated with some turbine oil or oil to prevent rust. For shaft couplings that need to be used for a long time, they should be painted with anti-rust oil for maintenance.

2.       During installation, the two halves of the shaft coupling are generally installed on the two shafts, and then the main machine is aligned. The main shaft is centered on the main machine. The determination is made by measuring the changes in the relative positions of the radial and axial directions of the two shaft coupling halves during simultaneous rotation.

3.       In order to give full play to the performance of the shaft coupling, please install it within the range of the maximum allowable eccentricity. The installation error is the maximum when each occurs independently. Therefore, please consider the allowable amount when the compound occurs to be less than half.

4.       When centering, please stick teeth on the outer periphery of the body and check with two points separated by about 90°. The lifespan of the components is greatly affected by the accuracy of the centering.

5.       After installing the shaft coupling, be sure to add a safety cover. Otherwise, contact with this product during operation may cause injury.

6.       The installation error of the shaft coupling should be strictly controlled. Generally, the installation error should not be greater than 1/2 of the allowable compensation amount.

7.       Pay attention to check the alignment of the connected two shafts after operation. The relative displacement should not be greater than the allowable compensation amount. Reduce the relative displacement as much as possible, which can effectively extend the lifespan of the connected machinery or shaft coupling.

8.       For shaft couplings that require lubrication, such as gear couplings, the amount, quality and sealing condition of the lubricating oil should be checked regularly, and should be supplemented or replaced if necessary.

9.       For shaft couplings on high-speed rotating machinery, it is generally necessary to go through a balance test and assemble according to the marks. The weight difference between its connecting bolts is strictly limited, and it cannot be replaced at will.

10.    The installation is often due to improper combination methods. Excessive vibration, abnormal operation, inaccurate center, and excessive deflection angle will cause damage to several parts such as the motor and coupling. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to the precision balance correction action during mechanical assembly.


How to fix shaft couplings?

Fixing with positioning screws: The fixed shaft is locked with a gap of 90° between two positioning screws. As traditional fixing method, it may cause damage to the shaft or difficult removal because the front end of the screw contacts the shaft.

Clamping screw fixation: Utilize the tightening force of the hexagon socket bolt to shrink the slit and clamp the shaft tightly. This method is convenient to fix and disassemble, which will not cause damage to the shaft.

Keyway type fixation: It is suitable for high torque transmission. In order to prevent axial sliding, it is usually used together with set screw fixation and clamping screw fixation.

D-shaped hole fixing: Usually, if the motor shaft is D-shaped, or the positioning screw cannot be fixed, the shaft coupling hole can be processed into a D-shaped hole corresponding to the size of the motor shaft. The position is coordinated to fix screw with no need to worry about slipping.

Expansion sleeve fixation: Tighten the four setscrews on the end of the shaft coupling to compress the account cover. It is suitable for the connection and fixation of some stepping motors and servo motors with large torque, such as expansion sleeve diaphragm couplings, expansion sleeve plum coupling, and expansion sleeve bellows coupling.


What the shaft coupling can be used for?

Broadly speaking, as long as there is a shaft that needs to be connected, a shaft coupling can be used. For example, mechanical transmission, various machinery and engineering vehicles are used to transmit kinetic energy.

Shaft couplings are widely used. Generally, as long as there is a motor or reducer, a shaft coupling is used. Large-scale shaft couplings are often used in metallurgical machinery. Different shaft couplings have different functions. The functions of various shaft couplings are as follows:

Connect the prime mover and the shaft of the working machine and transmit torque.

Shaft coupling can properly compensate the radial, axial and angular errors of the two shafts caused by factors such as manufacturing and installation.

When safety coupling overload occurs, the shaft coupling slips or the pin is disconnected to protect the working machinery.

The flexible coupling also has the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting.


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