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How to fix flexible coupling?
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How to fix flexible coupling?

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The flexible coupling is fitted into the corresponding groove of the end of the two couplings in order to achieve the coupling of the two couplers by using a number of block shaped rubber elements, and the outer circumference of the outer periphery of the rubber flexible coupling is fitted into the radial groove of the coupling and rubber block the middle portion of the hook comes in contact with the convex nail of half coupling.


l  What is the working principal of flexible coupling?

  • How to fix flexible coupling?

  • What should be paid attention to when fixing flexible coupling


What is the working principal of flexible coupling

When the flexible coupling works, press the rubber block with a half coupling convex nail to rotate the half coupling together with the rubber block. Because of the bending deformation of the rubber block and a slight gap between the half coupling nails and rubber, relative displacement and buffering of the two axes can be compensated. The rubber block is subjected to stress or shear stress and compressive stress in the whole area, regardless of rotation in the direction of rotation, and each rubber block can simultaneously propagate the torque, and it has a large carrying capacity, but it is inconvenient to remove and replace the rubber block, and in the axial direction along the axis. It is necessary to transfer large torque.

The flexible coupling uses parallel plane or spiral grooving system software to incorporate various errors and precise transmission torque. In many specific applications of stepping motors and servo control systems, flexible couplings are the preferred commodity. The one-piece design flexible coupling achieves the advantages of zero gap transmission torque and no maintenance. The key to the flexible coupling is the following two basic series products: spiral groove type and parallel surface groove type.

Spiral groove flexible coupling: With a continuous multi-turn long slot, this flexible coupling has very good elasticity and very small bearing load. It can withstand various deviations and is most suitable for correcting deflection and axial deviation, but its ability to handle eccentricity is relatively poor. Although the long spiral groove flexible coupling can be easily bent under various deviations, it has the same effect on the rigidity of the coupling under the torsion load.

Parallel groove flexible coupling: Usually there are 3-5 slots to cope with the problem of low torque rigidity. The parallel groove type takes the short cut without reducing the ability to withstand deviations into account. The short cut can increase the torque rigidity of the coupling and overlap, so that it can withstand considerable torque. This performance makes it suitable for light load applications.




How to fix flexible coupling?

There are usually five ways

1.      Flexible coupling positioning screw fixation: The gap between the two positioning screws is 90 degrees and the fixed shaft is locked, which is the traditional fixing method. Because the front end of the screw contacts the shaft center, it may cause damage or disassembly of the shaft center difficult.

2.      Flexible coupling clamping screw fixation: Utilize the tightening force of hexagon socket bolt to shrink the slit and clamp the shaft tightly. This method is convenient to fix and disassemble, and will not cause damage to the shaft.

3.      Flexible coupling keyway type fixation: suitable for high torque transmission. In order to prevent axial sliding, it is usually used together with set screw fixation and clamping screw fixation.

4.      Flexible coupling D-shaped hole fixing: Generally, if the motor shaft is D-shaped, if the positioning screw cannot be fixed, the hole of flexible coupling can be processed into a D-shaped corresponding to the size of the motor shaft. The hole is fixed with the positioning screw, so there is no need to worry about slipping.

5.      Expansion sleeve fixation: Tighten the four positioning screws on the end face of the flexible coupling to compress the account cover. It is suitable for the connection and fixation of some stepping motors and servo motors with large torque, such as expansion sleeve diaphragm coupling, expansion sleeve plum coupling, expansion sleeve bellows coupling, and expansion sleeve flexible coupling.


What should be paid attention to when fixing flexible coupling

The flexible coupling is the intermediate connecting part of each moving mechanism, which has a direct impact on the normal operation of each moving mechanism

l  The shaft deflection and radial displacement beyond the specified value are not allowed for the flexible coupling, so as not to affect its transmission performance.

l  The bolts of the flexible coupling shall not be loose or defective.

l  The flexible coupling should be lubricated regularly. Generally, grease should be added once every 2-3 months to avoid severe wear of gear teeth and serious consequences.

l  The flexible coupling is not allowed to have cracks. If there are cracks, it needs to be replaced. The cracks can be knocked by a small hammer and judged according to the sound.

l  The key of the flexible coupling shall be closely matched and shall not be loose.

l  If the elastic ring of flexible coupling is damaged or aged, it should be replaced in time.


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