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How to clean shaft couplings?
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How to clean shaft couplings?

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Shaft coupling is used as a safety device to prevent the connected parts from being subjected to excessive loads and play a role in overload protection. As the shaft coupling is the core and heart of the machine, it is significant to ensure shaft coupling is in good quality. So, we must clean and check shaft coupling regularly.


  • How to align the shaft coupling?

  • How to clean shaft couplings?

  • Does shaft coupling need lubricate?


How to align the shaft coupling?

Rim and Face alignment method are oldest method used for shaft coupling alignment. Two dial indicators are used to determine the relative position of movable shaft with respect to stationary shaft coupling. The rim dial indicator is used to measure offset in one plane along the shaft length and face dial indicator is used to measure angularity or slope between the shaft.

Straight Edge method involves placing the straight edge on the pump and coupling, then visually checking to see if the components are aligned. Feeler gauges are used to measure the gap at the top and bottom of the shaft coupling. Straight edge is the least accurate and least likely to achieve manufacturer's alignment specifications. It's usually used for small pump or motor combinations that don't allow enough room to use more accurate methods.

Laser alignment is the most accurate method available. This method employs state-of-the-art lasers to determine shaft coupling’s positions. It then relates this information to the computer, allowing very precise recommendations for adjustments. While more expensive, laser alignment offers significant advantages over time, and initial costs can be offset by reduced friction and energy use, lower levels of vibration and noise and longer lasting bearings, seals, shaft couplings.


How to clean shaft couplings?

Cleaning and quality evaluation of all parts of the shaft coupling is an extremely important task after the coupling is disassembled. The evaluation of components refers to comparing the existing conditions of the size, shape and material properties of each component with the quality standards determined by the component design to determine which components can continue to be used and which components should be used. After repairing, which parts should be scrapped and updated. If the parts are damaged or fail to meet the qualification requirements, new parts should be replaced in time to avoid some troubles.

All the parts of shaft coupling must be cleaned, thoroughly clean the stolen goods on the surface, check the damage marks, surface cracks and smash defects. Through cleaning, it is decided to reuse or repair parts.

We should pay attention to the cleaning of the parts in use or new replacement parts, to remove the burrs from the parts in use or processing. For example, the round and chamfered part of the sliding gear, the threaded part of the shaft part, and the orifice part of the sliding fitting of the hole shaft must be cleaned of burrs on the parts. This will help the assembly work to ensure the normal function of the parts. Parts cleaning must be carried out during the cleaning process.

After cleaning and drying the plum flexible coupling parts, oil must be applied to prevent the parts from rusting. If the parts are cleaned with a chemical alkaline solution, they must be rinsed with hot water after washing to prevent the surface of the parts from being corroded. Precision parts and aluminum alloy parts should not be cleaned with alkaline solution.


Does shaft coupling need lubricate?

Yes! It is important to lubricate shaft coupling to avoid standstill. But different types of shaft coupling use different methods by using lubricating grease or lubricating oil.

The grease used for the cross slide universal coupling of the rolling mill mainly includes extreme pressure lithium grease, including semi-fluid extreme pressure grease, graphite calcium grease and special grease. When there are special requirements, suitable special grease should be used first. In the main shaft coupling of the tandem rolling mill, sliding type and gear type are generally used, which have commonality in lubrication, using lithium-based grease as the main friction reducer, which can achieve the effect of reducing friction.

In addition, for flexible coupling and toothed coupling, some are lubricated with grease. That is, when the shaft coupling is working, it can be lubricated due to the squeeze of grease. When assembling, grease is applied to ensure adequate lubrication inside. The grease used on the top of the high-speed device must ensure that the oil and soap do not separate under the action of centrifugal force, otherwise the shaft coupling has oil leakage, which will reduce the lubrication effect. At the same time, multi-efficiency is required, that is, heat resistance and a certain degree of cold resistance when working at low temperatures.

The lubrication of spring-type couplings mostly uses grease. When assembling, the grease must fill the gap between the grids and wrap it so as not to leak grease. Check regularly while working, and add grease generally using extreme pressure lithium grease. Pin couplings and flexible chain couplings generally also use extreme pressure lithium grease. The universal main coupling is also lubricated with grease. It can also be greased frequently without stopping the machine. Generally, grease products with good water resistance and strong adhesion are required.


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