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How to change shaft couplings?
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How to change shaft couplings?

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Shaft coupling is the core part of the machine, which is small but significant. Therefore, once the shaft coupling is damaged, the machine does not work. It is more important for us to know how to change the shaft coupling if it is damaged or covered by filth.


  • What are the faults of shaft couplings?

  • How to change shaft couplings?

  • How to clean shaft couplings?


What are the faults of shaft couplings?

Balance level: The balance level of any shaft coupling component is determined according to the square root of the possible value of the eccentricity of the center of gravity between the main axis of inertia of the coupling and the axis of rotation. The imbalance is expressed in microns. Due to various reasons, the center of mass or inertial principal axis of the coupling does not coincide with the axis of rotation, and the phenomenon of unbalanced centrifugal inertial force, centrifugal inertial couple force and dynamic deflection will occur during operation, which is called rotor imbalance phenomenon. This imbalance phenomenon will inevitably cause the vibration of the shaft system, thereby affecting the normal operation and service life of the machine, so it is important to pay attention to it.

Relative displacement: The two shafts connected by the shaft coupling produce relative displacement due to many factors such as manufacturing error, installation error, deformation caused by shaft load, base deformation, bearing wear, temperature change, and relative movement between components. Under normal circumstances, the relative displacement of the two shafts is difficult to avoid, but the displacement direction generated by the shafting transmission under different working conditions, that is, the axial, radial, angular and displacement magnitudes are different. Only the flexible coupling has the performance of compensating the relative displacement of the two shafts, so a large number of flexible couplings are selected in practical applications. Rigid couplings do not have compensation performance and their application range is limited, so the amount used is small.


How to change shaft couplings?

Since the structure of various shaft couplings is not the same, we should make some marks on the positions of the shaft coupling components before disassembling the shaft coupling for reference during reassembly. For shaft couplings used in high-speed machines, the connecting bolts are weighed, and the markings must be clear without mistakes.

When disassembling the shaft coupling, generally disassemble the connecting bolt first. Because a layer of grease, corrosion products and other deposits are deposited on the surface of the thread, the bolt is not easy to disassemble, especially for the heavily corroded bolt. The disassembly of the connecting bolts should be done with suitable tools because the external or internal hexagonal bearing surface of the bolt has been slipped and damaged, which makes disassembly more difficult.

For bolts that have been rusted or have a lot of grease, solvents are often used to spray the joints of the bolts and nuts to allow the solvent to penetrate into the threads, which will be easy to disassemble. If the bolts cannot be removed, the heating method can be used to enlarge the gap between the nut and the bolt so that the rust is also easy to fall off. But the heating temperature is generally controlled below 200°C. If none of the above methods work, only damage the bolts, and replace them with new bolts during assembly. The new bolts must be consistent with the original bolt specifications.

In the process of shaft coupling disassembly, the difficult task is to remove the hub from the shaft. For the hub of the coupling, a three-legged puller or a four-legged puller is generally used for disassembly. The selected puller should match the outer dimensions of the hub, and the right-angle hooks of each leg of the puller should be properly combined with the rear side of the hub, so that no slippage will occur when you apply force. This method is only used for disassembly of hubs with relatively small interference. For hubs with relatively large interference, heating methods are often used, or at the same time with hydraulic jacks for disassembly.


How to clean shaft coupling?

Cleaning and quality evaluation of all parts of the shaft coupling is an extremely important task after the coupling is disassembled. The evaluation of components refers to comparing the existing conditions of the size, shape and material properties of each component with the quality standards determined by the component design to determine which components can continue to be used and which components should be used. After repairing, which parts should be scrapped and updated. If the parts are damaged or fail to meet the qualification requirements, new parts should be replaced in time to avoid some troubles.

All the parts of shaft coupling must be cleaned, thoroughly clean the stolen goods on the surface, check the damage marks, surface cracks and smash defects. Through cleaning, it is decided to reuse or repair parts.

We should pay attention to the cleaning of the parts in use or new replacement parts, to remove the burrs from the parts in use or processing. For example, the round and chamfered part of the sliding gear, the threaded part of the shaft part, and the orifice part of the sliding fitting of the hole shaft must be cleaned of burrs on the parts. This will help the assembly work to ensure the normal function of the parts. Parts cleaning must be carried out during the cleaning process.

After cleaning and drying the plum flexible coupling parts, oil must be applied to prevent the parts from rusting. If the parts are cleaned with a chemical alkaline solution, they must be rinsed with hot water after washing to prevent the surface of the parts from being corroded. Precision parts and aluminum alloy parts should not be cleaned with alkaline solution.


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