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How many fixation method does a shaft coupling have ?
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How many fixation method does a shaft coupling have ?

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How many fixatin method does a shaft coupling have?

You may never think about this problem,as you do not think you need to know all aout them ,actually yes,we dont need to know all about the installation of a gear shaft coupling ,or a keyless shaft coupling,or a high speed shaft coupling,or a taper lock shaft coupling,or other very common flexible shaft coupling;But is you know more about the fixtion of those precision shaft coupling,you may save you time and money,as it will help you install it more easy.reduce your cost .

Bellow is some of the  installation methods:

1. Fastening bolt type: This is an economic and traditional fixing method. However, the front end of the bolt is connect with the end center directly, which may cause damage to the shaft center or difficult removal.

2. Gripping type : Use the tightening force of the countersunk screw to shrink the slit and clamp the shaft tightly. Easy to fix and disassemble without damage to the shaft center. 

3. Separate type:its completely separate shaft sleeve makes the fixing and dismounting without moving the device easy.

4. Semi-detached type: This type have two parts; one side is clamping type , the other side is separate type. First ,fix the shaft center on the clamping type, then insert the shaft center of device end in to the sleeve of separate type.

5. Keyway type:It is the most traditional fixing method same as fastening bolt type.It is suitable for higher torque transmission system. In order to prevent axial movement, usually used with fastening bolt type and clamping type together.




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