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How is the structure of serpentine spring coupling?
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How is the structure of serpentine spring coupling?

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                                             How is the structure of serpentine spring coupling?

First let see the real serpentine spring shaft coupling,which was made by us ,even looks not too much high class but sure it top quality.

serpentine coupling

Then why its named serpentine coupling ,we need view its structure first .

The serpentine spring coupling is composed of two half couplings, two half covers, two sealing rings and a serpentine spring.It relies on a serpentine spring embedded in the cog of the two halves coupling to transmit torque.To realizes the connection between the driving and the driven shaft.During operation, the axial force of the gear facing the serpentine spring drives the driven end to transmit torque, which largely avoids the resonance phenomenon; The elastic variable generated by the spring when transmitting torque makes the mechanical system achieve better damping effect, the damping rate reaches more than 36%.

The trapezoidal section serpentine spring is made of high quality spring steel, which has undergone strict heat treatment and special processing. It has good mechanical properties, so the service life serpentine spring coupling is much longer than that of non-metallic elastic element couplings (such as elastic sleeve pins and nylon rod pin couplings).

The gear surfaces of the two half-couplings connect to the spring are arc-shaped.When the transmission torque increases, the spring will deform along the gear arc surface,so that the force points of the two half couplings acting on the spring will close. The connect point between the reed and the arc- surface, that is, the torque changing, changes with the magnitude of the transmitted torque, also its changes in stiffness.Therefore, it can bearing greater load changing than ordinary elastic couplings.The damping effect of the reed in the transmission process can protect the safety of the mating parts, especially when the machine is started or under strong impact load.

serpentine rigid coupling

The serpentine spring coupling uses the serpentine spring as an elastic element, which has strong elasticity and greatly improves the torque transmission .The serpentine spring coupling has a very long service life.The serpentine spring flexible coupling is made of high-strength alloy steel and has extremely high toughness. After strictly heat treatment,can meets higher rigidity and flexibility requirements. The spring surface is well sand blasted to compress the molecular structure of the surface to achieve the effects of wear- resistance and long life.

 The special spring coupling has a long service life, allows high rotation speed, and has good axial, radial and angle compensation capabilities.

The installation accuracy of the serpentine spring coupling is lower than that of ordinary couplings.The spring can swing freely in the cogging of the half coupling, so there is a certain radial, angular and axial deviation between the two shafts.In a certain range, do not have any bad affect on the working result and service life , no noise, can better protect the used equipment, and easy for site installation .There is no special maintenance cycle during normal use, as long as there is sufficient grease during installation ,also need properly supplement after long-term work.So widely used in heavy machinery and general machinery




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