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How is the inportance of shaft coupling heat treatment
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How is the inportance of shaft coupling heat treatment

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          How is the  inportance of shaft coupling heat treatment ?

No matter which kinds of coupling ,such as tail shaft coupling ,gear shaft coupling ,high speed shaft coupling ,flexible shaft coupling,drive shaft coupling or the prop shaft coupling,we all need make heat treatment.this is a common sense .

The performance of different processes is different, and the different heat treatment of different flexible  or rigid ,or disc or aluminum alloy couplings is very important

But we should understand different kinds of felxible shaft coupling should choose different type of heat treatment method .

This article will tells you some thing about treatment.

First,treatment including tempering, normalizing, quenching and tempering, high frequency, nitriding and other processes.

double fast release shaft coupling

The heat treatment process refers to improving the internal structure of the material to increase its strength , such as normalizing or tempering of round steel, cast iron, cast steel, and so on.Quenching and tempering need heat during manufacturing process.The high-frequency and nitridize treatments are effective heat treatments to improve the surface contact strength of materials.

There are many types of couplings, which are roughly divided into two categories: rigid couplings and elastic couplings. 

These couplings are suitable for different working conditions , should select different heat treatment.

For example, forging processing of diaphragm couplings, must select normalizing , quenching and tempering for heat treatment. 

Drum gear couplings have higher quality,on the basis of it,depending on the overall strength of the transmission system,quenching and tempering or nitridize should be adopt to increase the surface strength .Different manufacturing processes are not only a key issue affecting the coupling quality, but also affecting the price.

ball &socket universal joint

There are many coupling manufacturers with fierce price competition, but guaranteeing quality should be the basis of competition.That is, the customer is required to select the suitable coupling quality according to the overall strength of the transmission equipment. 

The coupling quality depends on the position where can reflect the nominal torque .If reflect on the two halves,which will cause the two halves to fail prematurely; If reflect on the coupling accessories,the matching degree of two halves and the overall strength of transmission equipment should a bit higher than the later.That is the good quality universal coupling.


Good quality couplings require manufacturers to carry forward the artisan spirit to meticulously manufacture precision products.If you blindly pursue low prices, you won't buy high-quality couplings.

Quality is our soul ,Quality is our cultural,we re dedicate to producing top quality.Our goal is offer good cv joint and shaft coupling for every every transimission equipments.




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