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How can we use shaft couplings correctly?
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How can we use shaft couplings correctly?

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In today's commodity society, no matter what product it is, in fact, consumers are most concerned about the performance of the product in the process of buying and using it. So does the shaft coupling. When we want to buy a shaft coupling, which factory can be as a choice though there are too many plants? If we have a good-quality shaft coupling, how can we use to lengthen lifespan as longer as possible?


  • What is the reason why shaft coupling makes abnormal noise?

  • How can we use shaft couplings correctly?

  • How to choose a shaft coupling factory?


What is the reason why shaft coupling makes abnormal noise?

The reasons for the abnormal noise of the shaft coupling are that:

  • The gap between the two halves of the shaft coupling is too wide, which causes the diaphragm to receive a large axial force to wear out stranded holes or stranded bolts.

  • Excessive axial deviation or excessive deflection angle of the motor will also cause vibration and abnormal noise during operation of the equipment.

  • Differences in the speed of the active end and the passive end will also cause vibration and abnormal noise during operation of the equipment.

  • The encoder of revolving speed has a malfunction to cause the motor to rotate fast or slow from time to time, resulting in making abnormal noise in the diaphragm coupling.

Improper selection of shaft coupling will affect the operation of electromechanical equipment, and even cause equipment failure. The selection of the shaft coupling should be based on the working performance of the equipment, the working environment and many other factors, and the shaft coupling suitable for the site should be selected. The shaft coupling will not suffer damage to the keyway and flat key of the output shaft sleeve so that the equipment runs without vibration, noise and impact, all operating indicators are normal, and the equipment failure rate is significantly reduced.


How can we use shaft couplings correctly?

Shaft coupling is the intermediate connecting part of each motion mechanism, which has a direct impact on the normal operation of each motion mechanism. Therefore, you must pay attention to:

  • The shaft coupling is not allowed to have more than the specified shaft center line skew and radial displacement, so as not to affect its transmission performance.

  • The bolts of the shaft coupling must not be loose or damaged.

  • Gear couplings and Oldham couplings should be lubricated regularly, and grease should be added once every 2 to 3 months to avoid severe wear of gear teeth and serious consequences.

  • The contact length of the gear coupling tooth width shall not be less than 70%, and its axial movement shall not be greater than 5mm.

  • The shaft coupling is not allowed to have cracks. If there is a crack which can be knocked with a small hammer according to the sound, it needs to be replaced.

  • The keys of shaft couplings should be closely matched and not loose.

  • The tooth thickness of the gear coupling is worn out. When the lifting mechanism exceeds 15% of the original tooth thickness, or when the operating mechanism exceeds 25%, it should be scrapped. If there is a broken tooth, it should also be scrapped.

  • If the elastic ring of the pin coupling and the sealing ring of the gear coupling are damaged and aging, please pay attention to timely replacement.


How to choose a shaft coupling factory?

Nowadays, the haze that people suffer from is a manifestation of the harsh environment, which is very harmful to human body. Today’s environmental protection equipment has great prospects in the mechanical field, while all mechanical equipment and environmental protection equipment must have mechanical power transmission. In this way, shaft couplings are inseparable.

Nowadays, when many manufacturers produce flexible couplings, they pay great attention to the sales of the products in the market, as well as the technical performance of flexible couplings. The performance of flexible couplings of our company tends to be stable with the support of advanced technology. Whether it is from the design stage or the manufacturing process, the performance of flexible couplings will be better. Therefore, when consumers buy flexible couplings, they will feel that the performance is good, and they can get a good use guarantee during the use process. We pay attention to the reliability of raw materials when manufacturing flexible couplings, and focus on controlling the production process technology. Good products are made by technicians in each process.


Learn more something about shaft couplings can know why shaft couplings makes abnormal noise and how to use shaft coupling correctly, even choose a great plant. If you want to buy good-quality shaft couplings with reasonable price, FOSHAN HOUZHE TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. can be better choice for you. It is wise to choose us as your business partner for we have many clients with mane brands. Our company knows how to innovate while developing, and will also go out in the process of introducing shaft coupling.




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