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GFC Aluminum Alloy Flexible Jaw Coupling With Spider
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GFC Aluminum Alloy Flexible Jaw Coupling With Spider

 Resilient coupling with spider is made of elastomer as an elastic element.It is suitable for connecting two coaxial transmission shafts. It has the properties of compensating the relative offset of the two shafts, cushioning, damping, and abrasion resistance,so it is a widely used flexible coupling,such as serve motor ,pump. Transfer torque is 20-35000.NM, working temperature -35 to + 80 degrees Celsius;Can interchangeable with German ROTEX coupling. The polyurethane elastomer is limited by a convex claw.
  • GFC aluminum alloy
  • HZCD or customzied
  • 8483600090
  • Foshan China
  • Aluminium Alloy ,SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Standard
  • Compressor, generator, pump, dynamometer, drilling equipment, turbine drive
  • 7working days after confirm the order or according to the quantity.
  • 3 days after confirm the order
  • HZCD or customized
  • Manufacture OEM,ODM offered
  • As customer request or standard
  • forge,CNC turning .milling .drilling grinding ,wire EDM
  • customized

Product Description

Difference  with the plum coupling 

 Resilient coupling with spider are mistaken for plum couplings sometimes , and their appearance is almost similar after installation, but under the same model,resilient coupling with spider bears more torque. Compared to plum couplings, its internal holes and shapes can be made smaller than plum coupling


 It  is  a kinds of  jaw coupling made by aluminum alloy and rubber .it is a zero backlash jaw coupling 


Backlash-free connection under prestress, used for spindle drive, lifting platform and machine tools,servo motor.

Drawings :

coupling drawings

Specification :

coupling specification


coupling parameters

Application scope and performance characteristic 

1. The resilient coupling with spider is mainly composed of two convex gear.

2 It is closely meshed and bearing radial compression to transmit torque. When the two axes are relatively offset, the elastomer undergoes corresponding elastic deformation.Its plays an automatic compensation role.

3 Torsional elasticity,maintenance-free,

4 axial plug-in installation,

5  failure protection, 

6 full surface processing—good dynamic characteristics, compact design, and low inertia.

7 The resilient coupling with spider  is mainly suitable for frequent starting, forward and reverse rotation, medium and high speed, medium torque and high reliability requirements, 

8application range:metallurgy,mining,petroleum,chemical,lifting,transportation, light industry, textile, Pumps, fans, etc. 


3 Compared with other couplings,resilient coupling with spider have the following characteristics:

(1) Stable and reliable work, with good vibration damping, buffering and electrical insulation performance.

(2) Simple structure, small radial size, light weight and small movement inertia, suitable for medium and high speed occasions.

(3) Has large axial, radial and angular compensation capabilities.

(4) High-strength polyurethane elastic elements are wear-resistant and oil-resistant, with large bearing capacity, long service life, safety and reliability.

(5) Do not need to be lubricated, less maintenance work can run continuously for a long time.

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