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Flight for COVID-19,what should we do ?
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Flight for COVID-19,what should we do ?

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Program theme: Fight the COVID-19 by Science and technology

Commentary: Under the guidance of resisting Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, some enterprises in our province actively use their advantages to produce anti-epidemic materials;Today"Guangdong New Focus" TV station will focus on Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd.It is one of key enterprises for epidemic prevention and controlling materials in Foshan Nanhai .

cooupling facotry make mask machine to support China government

cooupling facotry make mask machine to support China government


Deputy General Manager and Head of Operations Mr Mai says :

At that time,many companies donate money and materials,we were thinking what we can do to fight the epidemic. Everyone knows that masks are important materials for preventing and controlling the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia. Many companies have begun to switch to mask production, but mask machines are needed to produce masks.Back in 2003 during the SARS period,our company produced mask machines to support the "hometown of non-woven fabrics" in Xiantao City, Hubei Province. Therefore, on January 31, the relevant government departments designated our factory to start producing mask machines.

According to the reporter of our television station, Foshan Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Nanhai District of Foshan. It is mainly a mechanical manufacturing enterprise producing traditional equipment such as universal joints and couplings for 18 years.This company has dozens of professional equipment such as advanced CNC lathes, CNC, wire cutting etc., which is good at the design and precision processing of mechanical parts. As one of the few enterprises in Foshan that can produce mask production equipment.After receiving the resumption order on January 31,immediately organized designers to upgrade the fully automatic mask production line, at the same time organized the workers living nearby, and accelerate the procurement of raw materials and accessories.


Deputy General Manager and Head of Operations Mr Mai says :

At that time(2003 years)“there are no companies to produce mask machines in our erae. In the past few years,our equipment has become more advanced,While we have no sufficient equipment, no workers, no plans, and felt great pressure.” However, in order to produce mask making machinery that meets the requirement as soon as possible, we have debugged, eliminated production,and updated the design repetitiously.The government has also actively assisted us in optimizing the original drawings and improving the model.Finally,on 13th of February,the first batch of mask machine was successfully shipped.


On February 8th, with the great assistance of the Foshan government relevant departments and the Libei community,we have successfully full resumption in advanceto produce mask equipment in 24/7.At present,with the full preparation of the workpieces and accessories,the company can produce 3 units per day.Until now they had installed and delivered more than 170 machines.


Deputy General Manager and Head of Operations Mr Mai says :

The machines produced in the early stage are mainly supplied to the five districts of Foshan according to government requirements.Current customers included Xiantao,Anhui, Xinxiang and other regions.At the same time, we cooperate with other automatic production enterprises to continuously upgrade and optimize.On the basis of one to one full automatic planar mask machine,we developed the full automatic one to two mask making machine.One to two flat mask machine made of aluminum alloy, the performance is more stable, can produce 110 to 120 pieces per minute,Meanwhile we are trying to make N95 mask production automatic machine.We wanna do our best to help fight the epidemic.


cooupling facotry make mask machine to suppor China government

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