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DJM single key joint elastic disc coupling for pump and motor
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DJM single key joint elastic disc coupling for pump and motor

It is consist of several diaphragms groups (stainless steel sheets) are staggeredly connected to the two coupling halves. Each group is formed by stacking several diaphragms. The diaphragms are divided into connecting rods and integral diaphragm in different shapes.The diaphragm coupling relies on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate the relative displacement of the two shafts. It is a high-performance flexible coupling with strong metal elements.usually it have 4 bolt to tightening and fix it .some cutomer even call it 4 bolt disc coupling
  • DJM
  • HZCD or customzied
  • 8483600090
  • Foshan China
  • 35CrMo 40Cr,45# steel
  • Standard
  • Compressor, generator, pump, dynamometer, drilling equipment, turbine drive
  • 7working days after confirm the order or according to the quantity.
  • 3 days after confirm the order
  • HZCD or customized
  • Manufacture OEM,ODM offered
  • As customer request or standard
  • forge,CNC turning .milling .drilling grinding ,wire EDM
  • customized

Product Description

Structure Features:

Some manufacturers provide two diaphragms, even provide three diaphragms, with one or two rigid elements in the middle, and the two sides are connected to the sleeve. The difference between the single and the double-diaphragm coupling is the ability to handle various deviations. In view of diaphragm need to be able to bend complexly, the single-diaphragm coupling is not very suitable for eccentricity.The double-diaphragm coupling can be bent in different directions at the same time to compensate for eccentricity.

disc coupling

disc coupling draws

disc coupling parameter

Main characteristics of shrink disc coupling

1. Stronger ability to compensate the misalignment of the two axes. Compared with the gear coupling, the angular displacement can be double.the reaction force during radial displacement is small, and large flexibility,allowing certain axial, radial and angular directions displacement.

2. It has obvious shock absorption effect, no noise and no wear.

3. Adapt to high temperature (from-80 to 300) and harsh environment, and can operate safely under shock and vibration

4. High transmission efficiency, up to 99.86%. Especially suitable for medium and high speed high power transmission.

5. Simple structure, light weight, small size, and convenient assembly and disassembly. It can be assembled and disassembled without moving the machine (referring to the type with intermediate shaft), without lubrication.

6. Accurately speed transmit, no slip in operation, can be used for transmission of precision machinery

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